José Manuel Soto-Hidalgo
Associate Professor

Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering

University of Cordoba

Maria Martinez-Rojas
Research fellow

Department of

University of Malaga

Amir Pourabdollah

School of Science and Technology

Nottingham Trent University
United Kingdom

Conventionality in research belongs to yesterday!

The QUASAR Lab is part of the Department of Physics "Ettore Pancini" of University of Naples Federico II,
where it is committed to perform research activities in theory and applications of
Computational Intelligence, Quantum Machine Intelligence and Cognitive Robotics.

Manuel Jose Soto-Hidalgo is
Maria Martinez-Rojas is
Amir Pourabdollah is a senior lecturer in computer science at Nottingham Trent University. He currently teaches System Analysis and Design for UG and PG levels. He is with Computational Intelligence and Applications Research Group, and supervises PhD students in the area of Artificial Intelligence.