• Computational Intelligence

    The ability of a computer to learn a specific task from experience
    and work in uncertain environments.
    QUASAR develops and applies these techniques to different
    application domains.

  • Quantum Machine Intelligence

    Quantum Machine Intelligence is a part of computer science aimed at
    developing artificial intelligence methodologies though quantum technologies.
    QUASAR is working on the quantum generation of artificial intelligence algorithms

  • Cognitive Robotics and BCI

    Interconnecting human brains and computers to develop
    the next generation of frameworks for cognitive robotics.
    QUASAR is actively involved in the design of robotics systems
    for supporting people in their daily activities.

  • PLOS Biology Ranking

    The international scientific journal PLOS Biology
    has included Prof. Giovanni Acampora in 2% of the
    best researchers in the world for the year 2019-20

Conventionality in research belongs to yesterday!

The QUASAR Lab is part of the Department of Physics "Ettore Pancini" of University of Naples Federico II,
where it is committed to perform research activities in theory and applications of
Artificial and Computational Intelligence, and Quantum Machine Intelligence.

Computational Intelligence

Computational Intelligence includes methodologies such as fuzzy logic, machine learning and evolutionary algorithms to enable a computer to deal with uncertain data, learn from experience, and solve complex problems.

Quantum Machine Intelligence

Quantum Machine Intelligence

Quantum Machine Intelligence is an emerging interdisciplinary research area at the intersection of quantum computing and artificial intelligence, and it mainly refers to the implementation of quantum algorithms to analyse data and extract knowledge from them.

AI Applications

AI techniques have a strong impact in different real-world application domains such as cognitive robotics for enhanced human computer interaction, forensic science, healthcare, civil engineering, and so on.

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Prof. Acampora and Dr. Vitiello have been awarded by IEEE Computer Society to start a project for...
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29 July 2022


The paper titled "Error Mitigation in Quantum Measurement through Fuzzy C-Means Clustering" by G....
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14 July 2021


Prof. Acampora has been included by the prestigious Plos Biology magazine in the ranking of the...
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06 January 2021

Editorial Activity

Prof. Acampora and Dr. Vitiello (together with Prof. Pedrycz and Prof. Vasilakos) edited a new book...
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01 August 2019

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